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When selecting a carpet cleaner it is extremely important to look past the “Bargain” you think you may be searching for.  Some look for the “lowest” price, instead of searching for the quality in a carpet cleaner.  Some companies will actually skip vital steps in the process which makes it cheaper and less time consuming for them, and may require you to have your carpets cleaned sooner than if they had done it right in the first place.  This in turn ends up costing you more, because you call them back sooner.  An example of this is when a carpet cleaner does not pre-spray the carpet with the detergent, but instead runs it through the machines metering system.  When doing this, the detergent only comes in contact with your carpet for a very brief time (when the operator is pulling the trigger), and is then being extracted out immediately after.  There is no “dwell – time” for the detergent to actually do what it was designed to do – attract dirt!  The end result is that the soap is never really rinsed out of the carpet, and keeps attracting dirt, causing it to get dirty faster.  If your carpet is “crunchy” when it dries, that is because there is still soap left in the carpet!  This would be like washing your hair, but not rinsing your hair out with clean water afterward!  So, is the “Deal” you thought you found really a deal?

If you check with your flooring manufacturer you will probably find that they recommend the “hot water extraction” method of cleaning for your carpet.  This is where a cleaning agent is applied to the carpet then hot water is injected into the carpet pile to remove the soil, and solution.  A major flooring manufacture Shaw Industries, even requires for their warranties the homeowner show proof of periodic cleaning by hot water extraction (commonly called “Steam” cleaning).  They as well as the Carpet and Rug Institute recommend that you professionally clean your carpets every 12 to 18 months.

Here at ReNew we use the Hot Water Extraction method of carpet cleaning.  Our truck mounted equipment has the capability to supply the heat and suction needed to give your carpet the superior clean!  Prior to cleaning we prep your carpet with the CRB (counter rotating brush machine), which uses rotating brushes to work the solution deep into the carpet, while digging out pet hair and dirt.  this agitates and help removes the dirt and stains.  We then use top of the line equipment such as the Zipper Wand or Hoss Rotary Machine to clean much better than a standard carpet wand.    This is our process to give your carpet the most fantastic clean possible:

  1. Vacuum carpet using commercial vacuum.
  2. Apply cleaning solution pre-spray and let dwell for 15 minutes.
  3. Use CRB to loosen soil, remove dirt and pet hair from deep in the carpet
  4. Clean carpet using the “hot water extraction” method with ZipperWand or Rotary Machine.
  5. A fiber rinse is metered in during the extraction process.  This rinse neutralizes the cleaning solution, aiding in the extracting the solution and soil from the carpet fibers.
  6. Deodorizer is included at NO additional charge.

By following this procedure, you get a far superior carpet cleaning, which feels better underfoot and looks great!  Best of all, because all of the cleaning solution has been neutralized and removed, it won’t be still in your carpet attracting dirt.  So that means, longer time in between cleanings!  On top of that, we wont charge you all of the “extras” that those bargain companies are charging, once they are in the door.  So in the end, you end up saving more money, and having a much better experience, by not just shopping for the cheapest rate, but looking at the quality service that ReNew will provide!

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